This page has been reserved to insert the documents that are enhancements to the existing chapters of the book. These selected documents might be from the authors, customers or readers like you.

1. Configure HTTP session persistence using DB2 Type-2 driver: Chp-11-Ext  (Printed version of the book contains instructions to configure HTTP session persistence using the DB2 Type-4 driver in chapter-11. Consider this document as an extension to the chapter-11 in the printed version of the book).

2.  Messaging Engine Workload Sharing: Chp-12-Ext (Must read if you have printed version of the book. This document explain how to configure to have true Workload Sharing of Messaging Engines in a cluster environment)

Relevant Articles
1. Procedure to change IP address, hostname, WAS Node, Cell name after the installation - Document created by Leigh Williamson, Pravin D Patel, Ajit Jariwala: Click here.