Rama Turaga, IBM Certified Consulting IT Specialist is a member of IBM Systems-MarketAdoption-Enablement team. Rama has deep technical and architecture knowledge on IBM PureApplication System (PureAS), BPM (BPM on Cloud and BPM on Premise), Business Monitor and WebSphere App Server (WAS-ND) / WAS-VE (Virtual Enterprise) product line with project management skills. He has extensive experience in infrastructure architecture, development, testing, administration, maintenance, operations, teaching, course development and supporting WebSphere Application Server stack, BPM and database products. He authored a book on WebSphere Application Server and developed many courses and articles on WebSphere stack products mentioned above. Rama got over 20 certifications on IBM WebSphere products, Sun Java and a Project Management Professional (PMP). Rama can help customers successful using their products on cloud (private, public or hybrid) and/or on premise. Rama is a U.S Citizen and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI).

 Rama is very keen in doing the following activities to make individuals and corporations successful in their careers and businesses:

Consultancy and Services:

Architect, install, configure and automate (development through production environments):

1.              IBM WebSphere Application Server – WAS / WAS-ND / WAS-VE (IMP)

2.              IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) – Standard / Advanced

3.              IBM Business Monitor (WBM)

4.              Deploying WAS and BPM Patterns on Pure Application System (PureAS)

Other services:

1.              Architecture review, health check, problem determination and troubleshooting WAS / WAS-ND / WAS VE (IMP) / IBM BPM / Business Monitor / PureAS environments

2.              Advocate and represent customers during cri-sit and go live situations

3.              BPM analysis/model and development using Process Designer, IID and Blueworks Live

4.              Conduct Scoping, POCs, POTs using WebSphere stack products and/or BlueMix

Training and Workshops:

For Individuals:

1.              Process Implementation using IBM BPM on Cloud – Primer

2.              WebSphere Application Server / Liberty Profile Administration – Primer

For Corporate Customers (Mentoring Workshops):

1.              WebSphere Application Server (WAS-ND)  Administration – Advanced

2.              IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) Administration– Standard

3.              IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) Administration– Advanced

4.              IBM Business Monitor (WBM) Development and Administration

5.              Process Implementation using IBM BPM on Cloud (or on Premise)

You can reach Rama at WebSphereMentor@yahoo.com.